Top 5 winter recipes you need to try!

My top January recipes from across the web to bring you some sunshine into the longest, darkest month of the year.

January is a long, cold, boring month here in the UK. Christmas is but a distant memory, and you’re more than ready for the sun to come a little closer to your life. That’s why this months’ focus is on bright, warming, cheer-you-up recipes that I am most certain you’ll want to try in the depths of winter.

In no particular order, here are my favourite recipes this month!


Mrs Portly’s Kitchen’s lovely Guinea Fowl Lasagne

Not only is Linda a lovely pal of mine, she is also a fellow East Anglia lass (also a fellow ex-broadcaster-media lady) and I am totally in awe of everything she does. My thought process when developing a recipe is: “What would Linda do?”. Linda is a big advocate of local food, and I love that this recipe uses Suffolk guinea fowl. I often have tons of leftover game over winter here in neighbouring Essex (I have plenty of rural pals who are either pig farmers or horse owners who all go shooting this time of year and word has got round I like game), and this lasagne would be perfect after a cold day’s walk over our flat and hauntingly-beautiful landscape here in East Anglia. Also make sure you have a peek at her brand new project, Made In East Anglia here!

Try Linda’s Guinea Fowl Lasagne here!


Bite Your Brum’s gorgeous Spinach Tarka Dahl

January recipe parka dhal

Bite Your Brum’s BEAUTIFUL Tarka Dhal recipe is sure to brighten your mood with its sunshine yellow hues. Packed with flavour and good-for-you things, how can you not be happy in the depths of January when eating this bowl of sunshine and colour? Like Laura, I am also really into pulses and grains at the moment and the huge array of sweet earthy flavours they bring to any dish, so I will be trying this out for my lunches next week!

Try Bite Your Brum’s Tarka Dhal here!


English Mum’s beautiful 3 Ingredient Brownies

It is always a great idea to cut down on sugar. When you’re a chocolate addict like me, things can get a little tricky. Becky at English Mum has devised the perfect win-win situation here with her beautiful brownies – and there are only 3 ingredients! Perfect for whipping something naughty up when you feel a chocolate monster on your back.

Try English Mum’s 3 Ingredient Brownies here!


Living Lou’s insatiable One-Pan English Breakfast

Canadian food blogger Louisa Clements has managed to beat us Brits at our own game here. Her genius one-pan English Breakfast wonder is packed full of beans, sausages, sweet cherry tomatoes, lashings of bacon (drool), soft runny eggs – hand me a slice of toast! I’ll be trying this one this weekend.

Try Living Lou’s One-Pan English Breakfast here!


Primrose Hill Kitchen’s stunning moqueca

I have, very recently, just started to experiment with Brazilian flavours. Whilst hunting for the perfect recipe to satisfy an exotic mood, I found Anna’s beautiful moqueca. It’s PERFECT for first-timers and food-beginners alike. What beautiful colours to finish off a cold, dark January?

Try Primrose Hill Kitchen’s moqueca recipe here!


Have you got a recipe you’d like to share with me in my next round up?

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