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Hi! I’m Marie, and I own, design, curate and create Try This Recipe.

Food has been a huge passion of mine since I was very small. I grew up playing in a garden full of veg and helping my home-economist mum in the kitchen, watching her whip up cakes, pasta dishes, party food, and Sunday roasts to perfection.

I am not a chef or a nutritionist, but I am a firm believer in that all food should be free of guilt – it should bring you joy! Try This Recipe isn’t about “clean eating” – it’s about creating the time in your day to enjoy good food.

Whilst eating healthily and moving more is very important, it’s also important that you appreciate your food and you make time for it.

Each Try This Recipe dish aims to follow these 3 rules:

1. Food is not a reward or punishment.

Leave your guilt at the door. Food is food – it’s not “good”, or “bad”, it’s fuel. Ate a burger and fries for lunch? That’s fine, have an extra portion of your favourite fruit and veg tomorrow and work out when you can go to that diner again next month. You won’t see the phrase “clean eating” anywhere around here!

2. “Food time” should be “you time”

We lead busy lives and it’s well known we don’t make enough time for ourselves as it is, let alone making ourselves something delicious for dinner. Set aside time for you each day to make your favourite meal for dinner with healthy swaps. Whether it’s 30 minutes or 2 hours – find the time to cook every day.

Check out this article from Mindful.org about how to eat mindfully.

3. Share your time

Each recipe on Try This Recipe is created with sharing in mind, as well as being able to enjoy it on your own. Get some friends over, switch the phones off, pile them in the corner and make time for each other over a delicious meal you put together without distractions. There is nothing more satisfying than making amazing food for the people you love.

I hope that Try This Recipe inspires you to get back in touch with food. Please let me know if you make any recipes, or if you have one to add!

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